MS Performance

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon Jul 14 21:16:07 IST 2003

>Adding the top invalid recipients to /etc/mail/access should help

Thats how I do it - knocked my spam down by a third simply by adding a
couple of dozen ex-employees into the access database!

I'd be interested to know what firewall product does this, and how
(although I'd take some persuading to get me away from the notion that
which emails to accept is a decision for the MTA, and in larger
organizations that means the mail administrator not the firewall
administrator).  I hope it blocks the mail by sending the appropriate
SMTP responses, not just blocking the packets outright (I'm thinking
sending MTA tries primary, secondary, and tertiary MX's repeatedly for 5
days - not very efficient).

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