Notify sender and postmaster

Margit Meyer myr at HTW-SAARLAND.DE
Mon Jul 14 13:49:22 IST 2003

>>Notify Senders = yes
>>Send Notices = yes
>>Notices From = MailScanner
>                           ^^^^^^ No domain?

>I have had this in another situation (not MS related) where the
>mailserver did not accept the from-address because he knew it didn't
>exist. Neither could he return a bounce because the address did not
>Peter Peters, senior netwerkbeheerder
>Dienst Informatietechnologie, Bibliotheek en Educatie (ITBE)
>Universiteit Twente,  Postbus 217,  7500 AE  Enschede
>telefoon: 053 - 489 2301, fax: 053 - 489 2383,

I added our domain and created the account MailScanner - but it didn' t help.


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