Spamassassin timed out

Damian Mendoza damian at WORKGROUPSOLUTIONS.COM
Fri Jul 11 21:00:12 IST 2003


Thanks for the feedback - I'll look into rebuilding the bayes database. I did not think of bayes being a possible suspect to the problem.



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On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 10:59:32AM -0700, Damian Mendoza is rumored to have said:
> Any ideas why I receive SpamAssassin timed out errors? It occurs every day and
> I have not been able resolve why it happens. I've removed RBLs from
> MailScanner.conf. I'm using DCC and Razor. I have multiple T1 connections to
> the Internet dedicated just for SMTP messages - about 6500 messages a day.

First, some background. I call SA (spamc/d) from procmail, not MS, and I use a semi-regularly updated CVS version of SA.

I was seeing similar problems. I figured it was a dead RBL or something, so I disabled all DNS, razor, RBL, dcc, etc. checks with no improvement. At that point, I turned on SA debugging and waited for a message to come through unscanned - it didn't take long...

It turned out to be the bayes database. When SA was running, it was finding my bayes db and was trying to convert it from "version 0" to "version 2". It was doing this for each message and would usually take almost two full minutes to do. Procmail would forget about it before it completed and "rescue" the message, delivering it unfiltered. I deleted (renamed, actually) the bayes_* files in ~/.spamassassin/ and let them start rebuilding from scratch. Haven't seen a single spam hit my inbox since...

Since I don't use SA with MS, I can't comment on whether or not this might be your problem, but it might be worth checking out.


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