How can I get some spam?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Thu Jul 10 23:33:40 IST 2003

At 03:00 PM 7/10/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>For a test Virus email you can head to
> Industry has organized a fake
>virus file that is detected by virus scanners.

On a similar note SpamAssassin has a GTUBE (generic test for unsolicited
bulk email) which is a rule which adds +100 to an email. It's a great way
to do a quick check to ensure that SA is running and will actually tag
email. It's not a comprehensive check, but it certainly answers the
question of "is this thing on?" very quickly.

Simply draft an email with the following string in the body, convert all
the lower-case letters to upper-case, and run it through spamassassin:


Since I did not want this email to trigger the test rule, I converted the
first 3 characters and the "gtube-standard" part to lower-case. If you want
to make it work, all the letters need to be upper-case as the rule is case

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