How can I get some spam?

mikea mikea at MIKEA.ATH.CX
Thu Jul 10 23:26:59 IST 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 11:56:49PM +0200, Michele Neylon:: Blacknight Solutions wrote:
> > Want 13506473 bytes (and growing) of guaranteed-to-be-spam? That's
> > 1806 (and counting) separate pieces. I can gzip it up and
> > ship it to anyone who wants it. Not, mind you, that there's a
> > spam shortage.
> > It gzips down to a tidy 4193099 bytes.
> This must be the only mailing list where people swap spam and virii and
> compare they're quality :-)

Erm ... no, actually. But I can't discuss the other list, because it
mostly is composed of mail and system administrators from large
companies and corporations.

For that matter, if I were to send just three days spam from my day
job, it would be close to 50 megabytes unzipped. But I think it's
better not to do that. And I can send something like 20 megabytes of
worm traffic, but again I think it's better not to.

> To test some SPAM and virus logging we used a few junk email addresses with
> a dialup ISP and used fetchmail to pass them through the system. The scary
> thing was that over 95% of the mail from one account was spam and virii!!

No surprise there; there's a vanishingly-small probability that it
was *not* infected by a worm -- probably one of the recent generation,
such as SoBig.

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