MailScanner in Raq4

Luis Amado Vargas lvargas at CFT.COM.MX
Thu Jul 10 19:17:18 IST 2003

I´ve serious problem with MailScanner, i followed the instalation
instruction line by line for Cobalt Raq4, i first install f-prot, then
MailScanner and then SpamAssasin, and only have a problem with chkconfig
I check the status for MailScanner 
[root /]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner status
Checking MailScanner daemons:
         MailScanner:       ok
         incoming sendmail: ok
         outgoing sendmail: ok
In the maillog appears this
Jul  9 14:18:34 ns5 MailScanner[18086]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner
version 4.21-9 starting...
Jul  9 14:18:34 ns5 MailScanner[18086]: SpamAssassin installation could
not be found
If i try to send infected mail  or any mail and   .... the MailScanner
is not working , not send and recive any mail

any commentary on the matter

Please Urgent !!!

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