MailScanner not removing virus even though it was found?

Paul Linton paul at CS.UKY.EDU
Wed Jul 9 14:05:03 IST 2003

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 08:38:59AM +0200, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
> > seems to be working fine, with the exception of virus removal.  MailScanner
> > calls McAfee and sees the virus, but then happily sends the message on, virus
> > and all, no warning to the recipient, etc.  Did I miss something in the .conf
> It might be interesting to see your virus settings.
> Deliver Disinfected Files = ?
> Silent Viruses =  ?
> Still Deliver Silent Viruses = ?

Here is some of the configurations, if this helps:

% grep -v "^#" MailScanner.conf | egrep "Virus|Deliver"
Deliver Unparsable TNEF = no
Virus Scanning = yes
Virus Scanners = mcafee
Virus Scanner Timeout = 300
Deliver Disinfected Files = yes
Silent Viruses = HTML-IFrame Klez Yaha-E Bugbear Braid-A WinEvar Palyh Sobig Fizzer
Still Deliver Silent Viruses = yes
Deleted Virus Message Report        = %report-dir%/deleted.virus.message.txt
Stored Virus Message Report        = %report-dir%/stored.virus.message.txt
Sender Virus Report        = %report-dir%/
Deliver Cleaned Messages = yes
Virus Modify Subject = yes
Virus Subject Text = {Virus?}
Attachment Warning Filename = VirusWarning.txt
Virus Scanner Definitions = %etc-dir%/virus.scanners.conf
Deliver In Background = yes
Delivery Method = batch

Thanks for any help/pointers!

- Paul

Paul Linton      Systems Programmer       paul at
UofK Department of Computer Science       (859) 257-3962

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