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>> Approximate cost?  Didn't see that listed anywhere, though might have
>> missed it.
> If you're looking to save money Sophos won't be your choice!
>> It seems that they put out a new "version" monthly, or as needed.  The
>> MailScanner script (or at least the instructions on the MS web page for
>> a
>> tarball install) indicate that a daily cron job can be used to update
>> the
>> critter.  I have the impression though, that I'd still have to do a
>> monthly
>> install of the new IDE files.  Is that correct?
> MailScanner does hourly updates of all definitions, but Sophos release a
> new engine every three months, theres a script somewhere on the MS site
> to automate this too.

Actually, Sophos updates their engine every month (though, they could do
it more often in cases of emergencies, but I haven't seen that happen).
You are only required to update your engine every three months, as the
auto-update process won't work after that.  It is a good idea to update
the engine as often as possible, but realistically, most people do it
on the three month schedule.

As for the auto-update process for the IDEs, we watch the mailbox that
receives their mailings that new IDEs have been put up on the web page.
Basically, when the mailbox file changes, an auto-update process kicks
off.  It has come in handy in a couple instances, such as the Sobig-E
virus.  As soon as the update process downloaded the IDE for it, we
were getting notifications that the virus was being caught... I am sure
a few made it to some user's mailboxes before they made an IDE for it.

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