File locking / directory problem

Derrick Georgiades dgeorgiades at POWERENG.COM
Tue Jul 8 15:37:21 IST 2003

My queue directories are not NFS mounted.  My server had been running for 90
days without a reboot, during that time I must have changed something.  I
also started to get errors that MIME\ couldn't parse emails.  Luckily
in my case we have redundant servers incase of a problem like this.  I think
I will just blow my MS and SpamAssassin away and start over on that system.
I have older versions of both anyway.
Thanks for the responses.

Derrick Georgiades

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On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 09:08:02AM -0600, Derrick Georgiades wrote:

> It doesn't appear to be a permissions issue.  Does anyone know what an
> 7 is for the lockd daemon?  Strangely I can still pass mail, but these
> errors seem like it shouldn't.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are your spool dirs NFS-mounted? Sendmail generally uses flock (as does
mailscanner when working with sendmail), which is not NFS-safe...



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