Howard Robinson howard at harper-adams.ac.uk
Tue Jul 8 13:00:02 IST 2003

Sorry this is another Doh Question!
I have been reading the archive on Whitelists and blacklists and am
now totally confused.
Looking at the Archive is seems that I could let things through with
out any virus checks or let spam through if it is in a white list and
block it regardless it it is in a blacklist.
I have two staff members - one receives monthly exe attachments
for amendment/updates to software from a known sender. A
second receives an HTML format email, again monthly, from a
database search engine. I have set MailScanner to convert html to
text but in this case it more or less unreadable.
What I need to do is set mailscanner so that it checks everything
but in the first case doesn't stop the exe file from the known
address and in the second case doesn't convert the html to test
again from a known address.

Can this be done?


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