Problems with F-Prot and Silent Virus Deletion

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Jul 7 20:54:12 IST 2003


> Here's what F-Prot is showing the Virus as (I've tried W32/Sobig.E at mm,
> Sobig.E, W32/Sobig.E and others in the config).
> Jul  7 12:41:06 antispam MailScanner[10971]: Virus Scanning: F-Prot
> found virus W32/Sobig.E at mm

F-prot will ALWAYS warn you about the virus, the part thats silent is the
delivery! If you properly add it in your config it will not send the mail
to the rcpt and sen no warning to the sender either.

So what you describe above sounds normal to me.

Check your maillog if theres any delivery ...


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