Whitelist not working...

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Jul 7 18:37:35 IST 2003

On Monday 07 July 2003 6:27 pm, Kevin Miller wrote:

> Thanks Antony, et. al.,
> The sendmail log shows it connected as airemote3.aif1.com, so I'll add that
> & see what happens.  Still not sure if I can wildcard the domain, but if
> the host doesn't change from month to month I guess it doesn't matter...

I would *guess* that if they connected as airemote3.aif1.com this time, you
should expect to get mails from airemote1.aif1.com and airemote2.aif1.com as
well (assuming they're all outgoing mailservers...)   I just did a quick dig
at their nameserver, and they don't have a 0 and they don't have a 4, so
these are the only machines you should need to think about...

I could be completely wrong, and the particular newsletters you're interested
in might always come from the same machine, but a match of airemote?.aif1.com
might be what you want....




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