OT Re: Why won't my mail forward?

Ryan Bingham ryanb at AACRAO.ORG
Thu Jul 3 23:22:17 IST 2003

I would also be willing to host such a list.  I think it's great that people
on here are so willing to help.  Definitely something to encourage.


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Seems like we run into this from time to time.  What would be the odds you
could setup an OT mailing list?  I can do it on one of my servers if you
want.  Then people that want to subscribe and assist people with OT issues
can stay in the loop and lend a hand where needed.


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This is really rather OT, and there have been 30 messages I have seen in
this thread so far.

Any chance a few of you could take the investigation off-list please, and
just post to the list once you've got it sorted or you all run out of ideas
and need some extra input from others?

At 21:03 03/07/2003, you wrote:
> > What is the IP of that other RH box?

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