Why won't my mail forward?

Richard Lush richard.lush at NTLWORLD.COM
Thu Jul 3 21:01:09 IST 2003

Check the following:

1. SMTP Configuration on the exchange server - i.e. The Recipients
Policy is configure for all external SMTP addresses which it handles.
2. DNS MX records
3. I've setup /etc/mail/access with the internal SMTP domains (not sure
if this is needed though)
4. check the mailertable 
5. Check that you can telnet the the exchange servers SMTP connection

Short of those things not sure what else to check.


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From: Jody Cleveland [mailto:Cleveland at MAIL.WINNEFOX.ORG] 
Sent: 03 July 2003 20:30

> Is the mail getting bounced back from exchange or is it just not 
> getting there?

It gets lost into oblivion. I don't get any bounced messages back, and
the message never reaches the destination.


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