Why won't my mail forward?

Richard Lush richard.lush at NTLWORLD.COM
Thu Jul 3 21:00:21 IST 2003

Is the firewall between the sendmail box and the Exchange server?
(sorry if that has already been answered).


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On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 02:56:33PM -0500, Jody Cleveland wrote:
> > That looks like one of those inexpensive hardware "home firewalls" 
> > that had some firmware bugsdiscussed *VERY* heavily a year or two 
> > back. You might Google on that string.
> Actually, it's a PIX firewall. And, from what I understand, it was 
> very expensive. It is about 3 years old though. We're hoping to get a 
> linux firewall in place soon.

That's It! THAT'S **IT**!

Check for firmware upgrades, and google for problems with PIX firewalls.

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