postfix + Mailscanner probs - sorted

Samuel Luxford-Watts slwatts at WINCKWORTHS.CO.UK
Thu Jul 3 16:23:12 IST 2003

sorry guys - I guess I am getting tyred. I found the problem and cant
believe its taken me so long to spot it.

/etc/ had an extra defer_transports line at the end of the
file which was blank.

All sorted now!


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Hi All,

This is probably a REALLY dumb question, but at the moment I cannot see why
this is happening.....

I followed through all the instructions for getting suse, postfix and
mailscanner running. All seemed to work fine, but I couldnt figure out why
mailscanner wasnt stripping viruses from attachments.

In the end I stopped all the services, then ran

postfix -c /etc/ start

This to my mind should only start the inbound mail process, so the server
receives emails and stores them in /var/spool/ Well on my server
its actually forwarding the mail as well.

I have checked for the defer_transports line and that is present and correct
in /etc/

The only thing I can think of is that I have altered /etc/postfix/transports
to read:

dest.test        smtp:[]

where dest.test is my internal test mail domain and the ip address is of our
test exchange server. my /etc/ file is still pointing to
/etc/postfix various files. I am trying to configure an email gateway which
is listed as a primary MX host for our domain, filters and strips
viruses/spam and forwards those emails to our exchange server. if I do not
add this line to transport then I get a mail loop error because the
mailscanner server thinks its the best MX host for dest.test.

Any help would be great,



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