MailScanner 101, take two.

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu Jul 3 08:11:21 IST 2003

>Does the rpm load spamassassin as part of it's processing or do I have
>load that after the fact (or before)?

You have to do it yourself later

>Are there any significant differences if I follow those
>instructions with the 2.55 version?


>If it's not loaded/installed by the MailScanner scripts, should I
>install it
>before or after MailScanner?

Doesn't matter just set Use SpamAssassin = yes once you've got it.

>The last go-round, I think I did the tarballs, including installing
>spamassassin from a tarball.  When I was trying to get Razor2 going, I
>downloaded some perl stuff from CPAN which either the spamassassin site
>the Razor site said I needed, which made my system sort of grumpy.

Don't use CPAN on an rpm based machine - its a bad idea.  The razor2-sdk
package (from razor's site) should provide what you need.

This worked fine for me on Mandrake
MailScanner rpm
SpamAssassin tar.gz
razor2 & razor2sdk rpms
pyzor (tar I think)
dcc (tar)

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