MailScanner 101, take two.

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 2 23:39:31 IST 2003


> For the antivirus I got a copy of F-Prot, but then they changed the license.
> Aargh.  A grand more to do the same thing.  So I'm looking at a different
> antivirus solution now, probably RAV.  I don't mind paying for
> support/updates and I thought the original $300 F-prot cost was quite
> reasonable, but the new scheme isn't exactly competitive.  Does RAV auto
> update both the signatures and the program?  I want something I can put in

RAV is bought by Micro$oft and development is stopped on that one, i am
not sure if you even can buy new ones, i think not (*nix)

You could also try kasperski ...


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