mcafee-autoupdate patch -- Tony Finch r-u-there?

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Wed Jul 2 22:08:23 IST 2003


It is like asking if you could add a cassette player to my car-stereo and 
getting a full CD-Changer :-D

I love "-r"... I think I'm going "-vtr", and I'll be able to report since 
when a customer is protected from worm X.

BTW, I see you use and Julian seems 
to prefer 

The former seems to be more British, whereas the latter looks more European 

Now, being in SouthAmerica and topologicaly much closer from the USA than 
from Europe or the UK, which site do you recommend for updates?

Thanx a lot!

El 2 Jul 2003 a las 19:32, Tony Finch escribió:

> Mariano Absatz <mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR> wrote:
> >
> >Tony, would you care to incorporate it (or suggest a modification, maybe
> >another different command line option)?
> I wasn't particularly keen on the feature since it can be implemented
> with a trivial shell script -- you could even fit it in the crontab
> itself. But anyway, I was bored this afternoon, so I did some polishing
> of my script...
> Tony.

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