Silent viruses are silent in logs as well?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jul 2 16:39:33 IST 2003


> Is it correct that a silent virus isn't even reported as Found in the syslogs?
> I think I'd prefer it if my syslogs told me everything my server had found,
> even if it doesn't try to bounce back to the (false) sender...

I have this:

Jul  2 17:37:49 vmx10 MailScanner[12118]:
 Infection: W32/Sobig.E at mm
Jul  2 17:37:49 vmx10 MailScanner[12118]: Virus Scanning: F-Prot found
virus W32/Sobig.E at mm

And as you know, i posted my silent list yesterday, this is in my silent
list also. So no, i dont think its not reporting those. In my case it
certainly is....


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