Mail Delivery Hung

Gerry Doris gerry at
Wed Jul 2 15:13:48 IST 2003

Yesterday about 7:00am EST all mail delivery hung.  The mail was being
saved to but not moved out.  I restarted MailScanner serveral
times but that didn't fix it.  When restarted the logs would say that
MailScanner had found 320 messages waiting and was starting to scan
them...then nothing.

I finally just rebooted the system.  That fixed it.  This same thing
happened about 10 days ago.  I've checked all the logs but haven't noticed
anything out of the ordinary.

I thought I noticed comments about checks for ClamAV updates sometimes
hanging the delivery process???  Could this be the cause?  I have both
F-Prot and ClamAV installed.


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