Quick translation request - Brazilian Portuguese

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Wed Jul 2 03:15:25 IST 2003

Being in Georgia I feel free to offer the Red-neck version;

Dat dere email thingy's too beeg!

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Why is it always the Spanish and Portuguese who can never agree on the 
translation? I guess it's the difference in dialects between Europe and 
South America.
Maybe I should create a Red-neck and Geordie translation too? :)

Anyone know any Scots Gaelic?

At 18:45 01/07/2003, you wrote:
>I'm in Brazil and I speak Portuguese but what I don't know is if we're
>translating selected phrases or a whole system (I did not follow the 
>translation thread). If it's just this phrase I favor Stephen's 
>formulation and if you want to keep it shorter you can use:
>A mensagem excede o espaço disponível
>Stephen Lee wrote:
>>Here's another Brazilian Portuguese version (by proxy as well):
>>Esta mensagem excede o espaço disponível.
>>On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 01:54, Florus Both wrote:
>>>A mensagem e muito longa.
>>>Florus (by proxy of a colleague :))
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>>>You're doing really well folks.
>>>Brazilian Portuguese
>>>left to go.
>>>Julian Field
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