Sobig.{E,D,EML} not found by Sophos and McAfee

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Tue Jul 1 10:21:20 IST 2003

Hi Quentin,

Quentin Campbell wrote:
> However further monitoring of logs shows that it is Sophos now that is
> not always recognising Sobig variants. I have instances where Sophos has
> missed Sobig.E (in both .txt and .pif files), Sobig.EML (.txt file) and
> Sobig.D (.pif file). In all these cases McAfee has found the worms and I
> have not found a new instance of McAfee missing a virus.

Assuming you quarantine these nasties, have you sent the ones Sophos has
missed to them? If not, please would you??? They usually respond pretty
quickly if they're missing stuff...

By the way, what's Sobig.EML and what harm can it do in a .txt file?



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