MailScanner on Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

Daniel Bowen dbowen1 at MAC.COM
Fri Jan 31 22:55:16 GMT 2003

     I would like to know if anyone else has installed, or has hints on installing MailScanner on Mac OS X, in particular, 10.2 Jaguar.  I have gotten it to work, mostly, though the startup seems kludgy, just the cron entry for check_mailscanner.  I followed the instructions for BSD as best as possible, though there is no rc.conf, so I'm not sure how much that will impact things.  Also, how have people dealt with starting sendmail, having no rc.conf, it's entry in /System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/ is what I've edited, though I'm not sure how well this will work out.  Has anyone made a startupitem out of MailScanner?  Also, I'm using clamav - though I can't say successfully, it all seems to be talking to eachother, though the viruses that are found aren't actually disinfected.  more on this in another post here.
Dan Bowen
Oak Ridge Schools
Oak Ridge, TN, USA

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