Weird error in log after installing MailScanner

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jan 30 14:38:17 GMT 2003

At 13:41 30/01/2003, you wrote:
>I turned off spam checking, and this seemed to help at first.  But, after a
>while the load cranked back up and the result was the same.  so, I turned
>virus scanning off, and nothing changed.  I was wondering...I have gcc v3.2-
>7 installed.  Do you think it would help to install v3.2.1 (which seems to
>be the current stable version available at  I'll admit, I'm
>just taking shots in the dark at this point.  Please advise.

I doubt that would help much. I still think it might be a DNS resolving
problem. Is it doing lots of IO, lots of disk, lots of CPU or what? What
does "nice top" produce? Have you got lots of processes trying to run, or
are they all waiting on disk or net?

You can use "top" and "sar" to work out what your machine is doing.
Julian Field
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