Double File Extensions

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 29 22:00:29 GMT 2003

At 21:52 29/01/2003, you wrote:
>In the process of testing, I found that a double extension can get through
>if there is a space (or multiple spaces) between the first (fake) file
>extension and the second (actual) file extension.  Since a space after the
>fake file extension will probably be just as invisible as the actual file
>extension, it could be a way to sneak past the filters while getting the
>same nefarious effect.  I propose that by default the last line in
>filename.rules.conf be changed to:
>deny    \.[a-z][a-z0-9]{2,3}\s*\.[a-z0-9]{3}$   Found possible filename
>hiding  Attempt to hide real filename extension

Good idea. It will be in the next release.

Julian Field
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