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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jan 29 18:26:05 GMT 2003

At 18:13 29/01/2003, you wrote:
>Is there an announcements list for mailscanner?

Read the home page (in particular the bit about
subscribing to the project at

>   If so how do I un-subscribe
>from this one and get on it?

Follow the instructions for subscribing to this list, but send it the
command "unsubscribe".

>   Just to much traffic.

It is a bit busy, I agree. But it does result in very fast bugfixes among
other things. It does take quite a bit of my time though, which may have to
be something that changes in the near future as I'm reaching the limit of
what I can do, so development time is suffering due to the support load.
One of the ideas being floated at work is that I still do some support for
free on the mailing list, but you may be able to buy a place nearer the
front of the queue.

>Also, I am still running MS 3.x on my RAq 4i but it works fine and too
>scared to mess with it and risk hudreds of irrate users.  Perhaps if I ever
>upgrade the Raq to a Cpanel box I will update then.  Anyone know an easy way
>to move several hundred users from a Raq to a Cpanel server?  Cpanel worth a

Never heard of Cpanel before. How much does the software cost? Then I might
be able to package it the way Cpanel likes it, if no-one else can do it.
Julian Field
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