Future release suggestion - Spam header

Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Wed Jan 29 16:59:33 GMT 2003


A couple weeks ago I asked about how to turn on the SpamAssassin headers
in quarantined spam.  You said that the headers are added after all the
checks and just before delivery to mqueue, so wouldn't show up in the
quarantined qf file.

I have a script that runs overnight to notify people of what was
quarantined and send email in the following format:

From: gslmAkiko bjwdnancey7 at yahoo.com
   Date: Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:17:33 -0800
   Subject: Your visa bill dtuxu

The "REQUEST THIS EMAIL" is a clickable link to a cgi page that will
send the email along.

It would be nice to include the X-MailScanner-SpamScore: in the header
listings, which would mean including the MailScanner headers in
quarantined/*/spam directories.

Is this something you would consider for a future release of


Dustin Baer
Unix Administrator/Postmaster
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