/bin/cat: : No such file or directory

Bill Anderson billa at STERLING.NET
Tue Jan 28 22:41:15 GMT 2003

I posted a message awhile back to deal with a problem message that keeps
popping up on my console.  I was given a bunch of great ideas on where to
look, however, I could never find the problem.  Shortly thereafter, the
messages went away (that was a little spooky).

However, the messages are back, but this time I found out where they are
coming from.  I get these messages whenever is use the "store" option for
caught spam.  I am not quarantineing (if there is such a word) any viruses,
but I did turn "store" back on for some domains.  Here is my
Mailscanner.conf file:

Spam Actions = /etc/MailScanner/rules/strlg.spam.actions.rules

Here is my strlg.spam.actions.rules file:

To:     domain.com      bounce store
To:     another.com     bounce store

If I remove the "store" option, the messages go away.  Oh yeah, here is what
the message is:

/bin/cat: : No such file or directory

It seems everytime I get the message, another message is dropped in the
quarantine directory.

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