mail generated locally doesn't get scanned

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jan 28 21:00:35 GMT 2003

I assume you are running a fairly old version of sendmail. Upgrade to a
recent version and it will pump all locally-generated mail through
MailScanner as well.

The alternative is to configure your webmail system to talk SMTP to
localhost rather than invoking sendmail directly.

At 20:47 28/01/2003, you wrote:
>I'm sure somebody has run into this before....
>I've been running Mailscanner 1.11-1 for a few weeks now, and haven't
>had any problems yet.  However, management wants me to implement an easy
>way for users to change their email passwords, turn on vacation and
>email forwarding as well as webmail.  Easy 'nuff...Usermin supplies all
>those things.  That's when I noticed that email generated on the email
>server, either by using Usermin's "Read Mail" interface or even by using
>the "mail" command from the prompt, does not get scanned.
>What do I need to do so that the messages created via webmail (running
>no the mailserver) get scanned?
>Gary Morgan

Julian Field
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