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Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Jan 26 18:51:38 GMT 2003

At 18:45 26/01/2003, you wrote:
>Just a quick question or two.
>For a while now we've been using the SA-Exim patch to do Spam checks
>before letting MailScanner do its thing.
>My questions are:
>1) Which would be of better performance, running the Spam check using
>the SA-Exim patch before MailScanner or letting MailScanner do it for me?

Almost certainly by doing the SA checks with MailScanner, if the Exim patch
is either using spamd/spamc or the "spamassassin" script. MailScanner talks
directly to SA using its core Perl API.

>2) If I move Spam checking to MailScanner, will it pick up the defaults
>from the system file for Spam Assassin?

It should pick up the /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.conf file. Put your
local rules and settings in there.
Julian Field
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