sendmail 8.12.7 squawking after MS 4.11-1 upgrade

Steve Campbell steve at AVALON.DARTMOUTH.EDU
Thu Jan 23 12:24:40 GMT 2003

I am seeing the problem running version 4.05-3. I cannot find three close()
calls in /opt/bin/mailscanner. Can you tell me exactly which file to examine?

> At 20:31 22/01/2003, you wrote:
> >Folks,
> >
> >Was there ever a definitive solution to this problem?
> >
> >I am running MailScanner-4.05-3 on a Tru64 system with sendmail 8.12.6, and I
> >see the error. For example:
> >
> >sendmail[176424]: File descriptors missing on startup: stdout, stderr; Bad
> >file number
> In the main MailScanner script, there are 3 calls to close(). If you
> comment them out, does it fix the problem?

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