Sophos first impressions

Didier Belhomme didier.belhomme at FUNDP.AC.BE
Wed Jan 22 18:09:54 GMT 2003

At 16:49 22/01/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>>I haven't called Sophos about it yet, and I do know
>>that they primarily use MailScanner for their testing of virus scanning
>>in emails
>Do they now? What about their new MailMonitor product? They became a lot
>less friendly to MailScanner after they launched MailMonitor, I don't think
>the bosses liked staff recommending their competition.

Sad. We didn't choose MailMonitor since it was like a "black box", without 
any indication of how the product work internally. Moreover, but things 
could have changed by now, there were no anti-relay provision in the base 
product, which would require us to put a supplemental e-mail server for 
incoming mail. Our setup now is quite stable now, running on 2 Sun Fire 
V100 servers (box @ 4000 EUR VAT included, with 3 years of Gold Support !) 
running Solaris 8 and processing about 14-15 thousands messages a day.

We switched from McAfee to Sophos right yesterday, and the whole 
installation process took about 3 minutes to complete.

That's to say again that you did (and are still doing) a very nice job 
Julian ! I hope you'll not be doing the same thing with MailScanner than 
what happened to SpamAssassin (now bought by NAI I think).

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