Which Virus Scanner

John B. Hanks john.hanks at USU.EDU
Wed Jan 22 15:29:43 GMT 2003

> http://www.sophos.com/downloads/products/?type=eval fill out 
> your info and then you can download Sophos for Linux free 
> (even though the link is for eval, it is free to use).

Are you absolutely certain about this? When we attempted to license Sophos
for use with MailScanner, our only option was to license it for every
machine that might receive scanned email on our campus or buy a site license
for all Sophos products for our campus. I'd be interested to see Sophos
documentation that says the Linux version is free to use, especially if it
applies to non-commercial or educational sites. I'd like nothing more than
to give McAfee the boot.


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