Mcafee problem

Jason Cormie j.cormie at ABERTAY.AC.UK
Wed Jan 22 15:02:59 GMT 2003

Thanks Julian, I'll try that

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Try moving the cron job so that it gets updated at a quieter time of night
each day.
The other alternative is to move it to cron.hourly so it just gets done
more often. That's what the new "global updater" does.

At 09:25 22/01/2003, you wrote:
>Every few days I get this when the cron job tries to update antivirus. Next
>day It tries it can usually update OK.
>McAfee update failed: cannnot connect to ftp site, Invalid argument at
>/etc/cron.daily/mcafee line 93.
>run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/mcafee exited with return code 1
>Any thoughts?

Julian Field
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