Benefit of DNS caching?

Hickel, Stephen [gh372247] smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Wed Jan 22 05:24:58 GMT 2003

 I was reading documentation on a Pix box and how it does
PAt, which may be similar to other firewalls in this
regard. It said it doesn't support dns cacing servers in
PAT mode. PAT means port address translation. Not sure why
this is or how it impacts my caching servers, except that
is what it said. Many people use PAT on their firewalls.

At 10:14 21/01/2003, you wrote:
>Is their any benefit in installing BIND on a MailScanner
box for DNS caching
>of RBLs, without being subscribed for zone transfers?

You really at least need fast access to a local DNS server.
If you haven't
got a DNS server very close by, then running a simple
caching BIND on the
MailScanner box itself would help.
Julian Field
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