My problems continue - Please help ASAP

Randy Herban RHerban at GRAMTEL.NET
Tue Jan 21 21:33:10 GMT 2003

If you are getting a bunch of timeouts to RBL's then its probably a good
idea to disable them for the time being.
When ORDB (I think) was having problems couple weeks ago mail backed up
because spamassassin was timing out to RBLs.
Disabling the rbl checks solved the problem and let mail be delivered.


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From: James Pifer [mailto:mailscannerlist at TNJINFL.COM]
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 4:37 PM
Subject: My problems continue - Please help ASAP

A new problem(could be related to my other problems) came up on the server
we have running mailscanner. Mail was not being routed for some reason. The
server was recieving mail, but it was all getting stuck in and/or

I restarted MailScanner(4.10-1) and that didn't seem to do anything.

We still have a ton of messages in and quite a bit in mqueue as
well. Should it still deliver everything? It's delivering mail but I can't
figure out where it's picking it up from.

Has anyone seen this before. I downloaded the maillog and the only problem I
see is a lot of timeouts while trying to check the RBL's. Currently I'm
using ORDB-RBL and Infinite-Monkeys.

We had problems where our server just dies. Could these timeouts have
anything to do with it?

I'm open to any suggestions.


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