order of scans

Paul Houselander paul_houselander at BRISTOL-LEA.ORG.UK
Tue Jan 21 16:29:46 GMT 2003

Take a look at

Silent Viruses =
Still Deliver Silent Viruses =


As pet the comments in mailscanner.conf

"# Strings listed here will be searched for in the output of the virus

So check what your virus scanner outputs and put the string in Silent


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> That sounds promising...  looking forward to hear from Julian...
> >>> RHerban at GRAMTEL.NET 21/01/2003 16:08:43 >>>
> There is an option in the MailScanner.conf about silent viruses.  You
> be able to enter snowwhite or something like into that option and it won't
> deliver a notice about it.
> I'm not sure what method Julian is using to get the name of the virus so I
> can't say how to go about getting that.
> Randy
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> Subject: order of scans
> I am still a newbie here, and I would like to apologise in advance if this
> has been covered somewhere.
> Is there a way to organise the order in which the various scans occur on
> system (MailSvanner/SpamAssassin on RedHat)
> I would like to reduce the number of notifications that some of our users
> get. For example we have a few users being pestered with the Snowhite and
> seven dwarf message, which is a virus, and the attachement is an exe file.
> We do not want to pass on this message, but because we have notifications
> for both infected messages and blocked files, the end user still receives
> message when the Snowhite message arrive. If there is a way MailScanner
> could be configured so that this kind of message do produce any
> notifications, some of our users would be quite happy,
> Thanks in advance,
> Sylvain
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