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Howard Robinson howard at
Tue Jan 14 11:38:59 GMT 2003

On 14 Jan 03, at 11:37, Tony Johansson wrote:
Hello Tony et al,
We have been running Mailscanner since July 2001.
For a year we kept the quarantined files but only had a few
requests to recover them and then they were usually
uncleanable/unusable. In July this year we took the decision to
delete quarantined file and so far no one has complained. If
someone sends a denied file (but virus free file) and its needed the
user has to request it to be zipped or renamed and sent again.
Of course it also saves disk space and reduces backup time.

> Hello,
> How do you people manage your quarantines?
> We will shortly tighten our policy which will result in many more items
> getting quarantined. What is the easiest way to view the quarantine and if
> needed relase items for delivery?
> regards, Tony


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