Redhat Startup Script issue?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jan 13 10:22:59 GMT 2003

Is this not a problem with other init.d scripts as well? Do RedHat subtly
make the init.d script names different from the process names in every
case? the shell pidofproc function should look for the PID file before
actually studying the process table if I remember rightly. It's all in

At 04:59 13/01/2003, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>It seems to me there is an issue with the init script on RedHat.  When the
>init script (*/init.d/MailScanner) does pid=`pidofproc MailScanner`
>it finds itself running (the init script -- maybe NOT the MailScanner
>program!)  This could give you a false positive to make you think the
>MailScanner is scanning messages, and it may not be running.
>The init script's status and reload functions are affected -- it could
>find the init script and/or the MailScanner perl program running.
>I'm not sure how the best way to get around this might be... Perhaps
>rename the init script?  Julian, any thoughts?

Julian Field
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