Couple of things for the next version

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jan 13 10:19:53 GMT 2003

Both are good points. I have fixed the bug you point out in the
antivir-wrapper script, and I will have a think to try to work out a method
of detecting the problem in your second point.

At 04:52 13/01/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Just an FYI, found a couple of minor issues...
>In 4.11-1, there is a problem with the antivir-wrapper shell script, which
>makes your cron attempt to use the generic update script each time it runs
>-- at least it did on my system.  Not a biggie, but may help save some
>confusion.  The variable definitions were in perl style, which didn't work
>with #!/bin/sh.  :)
>Fix:  (Your distribution may vary.) In /usr/lib/MailScanner/antivir-wrapper
>Also, one other thing to note.  The  mcafee-autoupdate  script requires
>the Net::FTP perl module to be installed.  This isn't mentioned much of
>anywhere else, so arguably perhaps the MailScanner module should list this
>as a pre-requisite, especially if McAfee is to be used and
>autoupdated?  It seems the McAfee script is the only autoupdate script
>requiring this, but it's important to note.  Also, there is no "update
>failed" log entry generated or any other indication that the autoupdate failed.
>Hope this helps someone.

Julian Field
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