Setting up Black & Whitelists by domain

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Sun Jan 12 16:33:21 GMT 2003

Okay, I've moved the directories to be
but otherwise it is pretty much as I said in my previous posting (included
at the bottom of this message).

The patch to I have attached has *not* been tested. So give
it a go and see if it works. If you know some perl, please find all the
bugs and mail me the corrections :-)
If it works (or once it works after you have found all the bugs for me)
then feel free to use it.

To use it, you will need to set these in your MailScanner.conf file:

Is Definitely Not Spam = &ByDomainSpamWhitelist
Is Definitely Spam = &ByDomainSpamBlacklist

At 15:35 12/01/2003, you wrote:
>Currently you will have to write some custom function to do it for you.
>Shouldn't be too hard to do, especially if it's only a simple (but possibly
>long) ruleset for each domain. If each black/white-listed address is either
>a complete address or a domain name (so no "*" characters anywhere), then
>the end result will be very fast too.
>Thinking further, we have a dir "/opt/bydomain" which contains 2
>subdirectories, "blacklist" and "whitelist".
>Each of those directories contains a file named after each domain. So for
>"" there will be /opt/bydomain/whitelist/ and
>Each of the files can contain entries of the form
>         user at
>and that's all. Keeping it restricted to this makes life a lot easier later.
>I'll get back to the list shortly about this, it's probably worth me
>writing an implementation of this as it is going to be a common requirement.
>Julian Field
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