FW: Centralized aliases

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Wed Jan 8 08:18:13 GMT 2003

> How are you managing users preferences for whitelists and 
> blacklists?  
> I have the same configuration as you but need to figgure out 
> how to use 
> difference preferences for each email account.

To be honest I'm not, I haven't had any requests from users for this (partly because I haven't publicised the ability to do this).  We only intercept virus email (& blocked attachments) - for SPAM we only modify the subject & inculde the spamcheck header (we strip HTML on high score spams, to reduce the amount of pornographic spam) - spam doesn't seem to be a huge problem for us right now, I expect this will change as we increase the level of internet access within the company.  For users who want special processing of 'SPAM' messages we have a document prepared which explains to them how to set up rules in Outlook.

I suppose you could write a webmin/usermin module - this would probably not be too hard if your IT staff were updating the lists, but could be more tricky if you want to let users do it themselves (maybe set up winbind- from samba - to authenticate them against your domain?)

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