deersoft bought by NAI

Paul Welsh paul at ESPMAIL.CO.UK
Tue Jan 7 21:58:47 GMT 2003

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Subject: deersoft bought by NAI

> Deersoft, the producers of SpamAssain for windows (out look
> etc) have been bought out by NAI (see:
> This has caused
> a stir on the SATalk mailing lists, with it looking likely 3 of the
> developers will be stopping their contributions.

Doesn't look promising, does it?  To quote from

"The SpamAssassin open source project will continue and will be
maintained by its current authors including Justin Mason and Craig

Sounds good.  However, it goes on to say in the next sentence:

"Mason and Hughes will be employees of Network Associates and will
devote their energies to the development of the proprietary McAfee

Er, so if Mason and Hughes will put all their energies into the McAfee
product how on earth are they going to maintain the open source project?
What double speak!

The icing on the cake?  Network Associates now own the SpamAssassin

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