Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Tue Jan 7 19:51:07 GMT 2003

> I've disabled all rulesets in my /etc/MailScanner.conf file 
> and for some
> reason I'm getting ruleset=check_rcpt message in my maillog file.
> Why am I getting this error?
> Jan  7 14:36:01 tonka sendmail[27109]: h07Ja1cc027109: 
> ruleset=check_rcpt,
> arg1=<xxx at>, [] (may 
> be forged),
> reject=550 5.7.1 <xxx at>... Relaying denied. IP name possibly
> forged []

Thats a sendmail error, nothing to do with MailScanner.  Its not clear from your obfuscated headers why, or whether this is a genuine message or some unauthorised person trying to relay through your server.

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