SpamAssassin timeout -- suggested fix?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jan 7 18:59:58 GMT 2003

For the adventurous among you, I've come up with an idea to improve the RBL
timeout in SpamAssassin problem. What I wanted to be able to do was disable
the RBL checking that SpamAssassin does, without disabling SpamAssassin

It's in There is a line that says "sub Checks {" which is the start
of the "Checks" subroutine. About 10 lines down there is a chunk of code
that says

   return (0,0,
             $maxfailures), 0)
     if $maxfailures>0 &&

Please change that to

   $MailScanner::SA::SAspamtest->{conf}->{skip_rbl_checks} = 1
     if $maxfailures>0 &&

Then hopefully instead of disabling SpamAssassin altogether, it will just
disable the RBL checking in it. The bit I haven't done yet is a way of
still disabling SA altogether if it continues to fail even after stopping
its RBL checks.
Julian Field
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