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Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Tue Jan 7 17:03:24 GMT 2003


This is relating to Derek's recent post.

Until now my spam.actions.conf has been behaving well until I added two of
our local domains (i'm using example domain names) as follows:-

FromTo: *       delete
FromTo: *   delete

Both of these are amongst 2 of our mail servers. The problem is that
spammers are forging both domains to send out spam.
I thought including the above lines and restarting mailscanner would

1. Outbound e-mail from our servers that was tagged as spam from either
domain would not get sent but deleted
2. Inbound e-mail to our servers/clients that was tagged as spam from
either domain would be recieved but deleted

There is nothing one can do to stop ppl forging domains (AFAIK).

A penny for your thoughts please!


Matthew Bowman
Systems Administrator

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