Exim Weirdness

Jason Cormie j.cormie at ABERTAY.AC.UK
Mon Jan 6 13:43:57 GMT 2003

Mailscanner 3.26
Exim 3.35

just back from my hols looking at my mailscanner box.
used eximstats to look at this mornings exim logs and found this...

List of errors

    1 0010295 at ABERTAY.AC.UK: retry timeout exceeded

    1 0010295 at abertay.ac.uk: retry timeout exceeded

    1 0010314 at TAY.AC.UK: retry timeout exceeded

    1 0010314 at tay.ac.uk: retry timeout exceeded

    1 0010331 at abertay.ac.uk: retry timeout exceeded


These are all valid addresses which mailscanner should pickup scan then pass
onto our exchange box
I also found this which is disturbing...

        This message was created automatically by mail delivery software

        A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
        recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)

        w.robb at abertay.ac.uk
                remote host address is the local host: retry timeout

This is an address that should have been passed to exchange server.

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