Regarding a good but not to hard RBl and upgrade/reinstall

Ben C. O. Grimm mailscanner-sub at WIREHUB.NET
Sun Jan 5 01:04:19 GMT 2003

On 3 Jan 2003 16:30:23 +0100, Julian Field <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>

> ORDB is good. Very few problems with them.

ORDB is losing some of its importance since the majority of spammers go
through open proxies rather than open relays nowadays. We have very good
results with our own DNSBL (, which lists spam
sources and open proxies, and includes the entire Spamhaus database) and
DNSBLs listing insecure servers. See
for our numbers. Please note that spamfilering takes place in the listed
order (first hit wins), so the figures would be
substantially higher when the order would be reversed. We are running these
spamfilters for a pretty large business ISP, so the number of false
positives is very low. Moreover, is used by Excite
and Ameritech, who are probably pretty conservative considering their
massive mailflow.

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