Quarantine configuration problem

John B. Hanks john.hanks at USU.EDU
Fri Jan 3 22:01:21 GMT 2003

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> From: John B. Hanks
> Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 12:09 PM
> Subject: Re: Quarantine configuration problem
> > "Action" isn't a valid option in MailScanner 4.x.
> > What you are looking for is
> >          Quarantine Infections = no
> > (the default supplied value is "yes").
> Thanks Julian, I am upgrading and that got brought over when
> I made the new conf file.

Ok, I was wrong (but I'm used to that.) When I look at
mailscanner.conf.rpmnew it still has the following section:

# Set what to do with infected attachments or messages.
# keep   ==> Store under the "Quarantine Dir"
# delete ==> Just delete them
#Action = delete
Action = keep

That is why I kept the Action line in my new conf file. I removed the Action
= line and added a line to my mailscanner.conf like this:

Quarantine Infections = no

But infected messages are still being quarantined. When I upgraded I took
the following steps (using the rpm version):

1. Stopped old mailscanner processes.
2. Ran Update-MakeMaker.sh
3. Ran install.sh
4. Compared rpmsave and rpmnew versions of conf files and migrated my
settings over.
5. Started MailScanner

Maybe I've missed some simple step or performed something out of order?
Mailscanner is working fine with the exception of the quarantining.



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